Episode 2:

A day that started out like any other day was turning out to be the most sensational and I wasn’t prepared to handle it with sanity. With those dreamy eyes, I followed him. My mind was in a war with itself. While my heart was following him smiling, my mind knew I had just over a couple of minutes to tell him my adulation. Though I was thankful to my stars and Srilakshmi ma’am for giving me this opportunity, I was equally petrified thinking what if I cannot express my feelings or what if he ignores me and walks away. It would be very silly of me to expect anything beyond a smile from him. After all I was no one to him, he doesn’t even know my name.

The heart didn’t get a trace of the conflict in the mind. At that moment my eyes were devouring the sight in front of me. With every step he took, my heart skipped a beat. His broad shoulders, and that majestic walk was exactly how I had seen him million times in my dreams. The security escorting us were managing the crowd outside and luckily since ours was not a promoted event, no one knew of his visit. So the crowd was manageable. They wanted to quickly get him to the car so we can avoid any untoward incidence.

As we got closer to the car, I had decided to take my chance and talk a little before bidding him a good bye. After all, I had lived that moment in my dreams several times and it was not every day the dream would turn into a reality. I had only one chance to make it count and I wanted to make good use of it. Once we reached the car, even before I opened my mouth, he turned towards me held my hand and started talking. I was just gazing at his lips moving and barely heard few words. With what I grasped, I knew he had thanked me and the NGO for hosting him and had reiterated if we need any help, he would be glad to offer.

His hold was so strong yet so comforting. Before I got carried away with that touch, I regained my composure and said “Oh we were lucky to have you as the chief guest. The kids were so happy to see you. Thank you for giving us your time and support”. He just smiled and continued to hold my hand. I felt very shy and looked down and saw how my palm was resting in his palm. Then the unexpected happened…he left my palm, opened the car door and turning towards me asked “Do you want to come with me? In this crowded place I cannot speak, so its better we go to my hotel. That is if you do not mind, please”.

Oh my! My heart just exploded!!! Jaws dropped down to the floor almost… Was it really a dream or did he just ask me out?

My inner self was yelling to me to say yes, and not to miss the golden chance. That moment was like I had hit the jackpot, got a golden buzzer and won a million $ lottery. With an astonished look, pursing my dry lips, I nodded and got in. He got in behind me and one of his security closed the door and sat in the front. As if the handshakes and a light hug in the afternoon wasn’t enough to spoil me, now he sat beside me. I couldn’t believe it was all happening for real. I wanted to freeze the moment, but didn’t know how. This was not at all expected. I just came behind him to say a bye, and now it’s unbelievable that I was in his car, sitting just inches away from him. Others would have fell unconscious by then, I didn’t. I didn’t want to miss even one second with him.

Not knowing what to speak, I was glancing around the expensive car. I saw couple of sunglasses (some very familiar from his pictures I had seen), his phone, a water bottle and some keys. Sitting at such a close proximity, his perfume was overpowering my thoughts making me go crazy. He asked his driver to go, while I didn’t know where to, I didn’t really bother about the destination. Wherever we were going, I knew it would be fine and I was safe. I was more than happy because I was with him, finally my prince charming.

Unaware of what was going on in my mind, he broke the silence and like any normal person, oblivious of his stardom, popularity, he introduced himself extending his hand to shake mine. I gave a stupid smile and said, “Are you kidding me, I know who you are. I am a huge fan”. He laughed and said “I know about you as Srilakshmi told me before I came here. She mentioned all the crazy things you have done for me in the past few months”. Not just the lips, his eyes were smiling too…I was feeling very stupid and seeing me uneasy at his words, he kept his hand on top of mine as if assuring me that it was all fine. I said “I had no clue you knew. I adore you very much. I was even learning your language just for you so I could speak to you when I meet you. It was a dream to meet you and never could imagine it would happen this way and so soon”.

prabhas13That 20 minute drive to the hotel was like riding a chariot with my prince. It flew so fast and we were reaching his hotel. We arrived at a posh five star hotel in town. His security got down first and opened the door for him. Like a true gentleman, he held the door for me and helped me get down. I got down and not knowing what to do, just followed him. His security escorted us into the building. I was matching his steps while I walked alongside him towards the elevator, I couldn’t help but notice all eyes following us in the reception. Once in the elevator, it was just us two. He was staying in the top floor, in one of the best suites with a magnificent view. While in the elevator, he said I would like the view of the city from the room. I was thinking inside, who cares about that view, while you are in front of me. But I just smiled and didn’t have the guts to speak out the words my naughty self was saying.

As we entered the room, he asked me if I needed anything to drink. I pursed my lips that was dry and said no, hesitantly. He ordered some juice for us and showed me the way to the sitting area by the window. The view from the top was literally spectacular as he had mentioned. I was seeing my own city like an outsider as I had never seen such beautiful sky and city skyline. It was breathtaking in the evening lights glittering but I could only see the lights in his eyes which were bright and shiny. I could see them without blinking for hours.

We chatted a little. I told about myself, what I do, etc. While we were making that general talk, my eyes were on him, I wanted to soak in his scintillating gaze. I told with a little worry in my tone, “I became your fan just few months before and feel so bad for having missed all your early years. Though it is really short time, I am still one of your ardent fans and worship you. I may not be like your other fans who are with you from the beginning of your career, but I have the same respect, love and affection towards you”. By the time I could finish this sentence, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. All emotions were playing. I knew I had so much more to tell, but was so overwhelmed and carried away, I barely could speak after that.

He seemed to understand me and seeing the tears, he took out his white hand kerchief and leaned towards me, wiping my tears said – “Don’t worry darling.  (My naughty mind started again running uncontrollably) I can understand your plight. It’s ok even if you are not a fan”. His scent was driving me insane. Since his face was so close I noticed his shiny hair that fell on the forehead, those ever smiling eyes that I wanted to get drowned in running my fingers in his hair. Before my thoughts went any further, I took the hand kerchief from him and wiped my tears, I could smell him through the hand kerchief (my naughty mind like it was on a high and had crazy ideas already).

I felt so captured in his enchantment and having spent some time with him in private, I was losing control over my thoughts. By now my body was no longer trembling in anxiety. The heart beats were still high and I was blushing for obvious reasons. He leaned in a little more trying to give me the water to calm me down. Unaware of his sudden move, I leaned in too, his face touched mine and his lips brushed my cheeks. My whole body felt it and I had no clue how to control my hands to stay still. I had to shut the naughty thoughts that were making my cheeks turn into red and I didn’t want him to learn about it. He said sorry and moved away from me…my heart was crying and asking him to come back closer.

It was an intense moment and probably he felt it too. He probably thought I was feeling odd so to lighten the moment, he winked and said it was an accident. I wanted to yell…I want such accidents to happen more. I bit my lips and looked at him (my naughty self was eager to repeat that accident). Not sure if he could hear those thoughts, he got up saying “let’s go to the balcony. Its really beautiful outside”.


Once we were out in the open air, I could get my breathing to normal. He turned to me and in an apologetic tone said “Sorry. I couldn’t see you when you came all the way to meet me. If you ever come again, let my manager know and he can arrange for you to see me. Thanks for all the love”. I knew no words to say thanks. My eyes swell up with tears again and he laughingly said “I had heard that you were very strong and happy girl, but you are crying at everything”. Wiping the tears from his hand kerchief I said, “It’s my happiness overflowing unable to take all the happy moments in one day. My heart is too weak, cannot tolerate too many surprises and accidents” and I winked too.

To make me smile again, he grinned and said “how come you haven’t asked me for a picture with me yet? Don’t you want one?” My mind was cursing me for not remembering about it until then. I wryly said, I had forgotten everything seeing him. He laughed and took couple of selfies with me. With the stunning view as the backdrop our pictures looked perfect. I was on cloud nine already and then the magic happened. He turned towards me, gave me his ever famous warmest hug and told, “I owe you this hug for coming all the way to Hyderabad to see me but return unsuccessful. When you come next time, you have my manager’s number so you know how to contact me”.

My heart pleading me not to give anymore shocks as it had had enough for one day. His touch made me feel burn with temptations.

I didn’t want to get out of that hug. I wanted to hide in his wide arms and stay there close to him. I wanted to freeze that moment and live there forever. The moonlight on his face showed he was smiling and it was not a pity hug. I was relieved knowing that as it was an unforgettable moment for me and a pity hug would have ruined the moment. He released me and said, “Hope I made up for the missing visit now in your own city. I hope you are happy now”. I smiled and said “Beyond happy! This is the best day of my life and even in my dream I hadn’t expected such meeting with you. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to meet you and know you. I will be grateful always for this experience”. The shining stars in the sky were brighter today as if it was in agreement with me.

He said he liked Masala Dose here and had ordered it for us. We finished our tiffin chatting more. He said he doesn’t mind the traffic here as the weather compensates for all that. Suddenly I realized I had not informed anyone back at the venue about me gone missing. As if he knew exactly what I was thinking seeing my face, he said not to worry as he had informed Srilakshmi ma’am about taking me out and that he would drop me back home later once we were done.

After some more time with him, it was time to leave even though I didn’t want to. We bid farewell, and he asked his manager to drop me back to my home. With one last hug, and thanking him for the most wonderful evening I ever had, I told him that I would cherish this in my heart for eternity. He laughingly said “You are very dreamy. Stay the same darling. Keep smiling.”

I breathing his scent in and filling my eyes of him, I left the room with the biggest smile on my face. I came back in his car not able to believe what had happened that afternoon. I always had thought that fairy tales exist only in books but today everything that happened was like it was straight out of a fantasy story.

In that short time I have lived my dream, and met my idol, My Prince Charming. There were so many moments from the day however the most cherished moment of the evening was that accidental peck on my cheek and the warm hug he gave before sending me off which would stay with me forever. His perfume still on my clothes from the hug and his hand kerchief in my hand was the proof that it was not my imagination but a true incident. After the car dropped me near the my apartment gate, I stood there for next few minutes, thanking my stars and not wanting to return to the home. Everything had happened like in his movies. It was so hard for me to believe it really happened and that too to me.

That Sunday afternoon was the best day of my life. So many months of prayers were answered, blogs I wrote about him, the number of tweets, the insane fangirl moments I had lived in these months all seemed appropriate and justified then.

My love for him had grown by 10000 times after that evening. Everything I had read and heard from people, I could experience it first-hand about him. His simplicity, loving and caring attitude, patience, and most importantly being a normal human being without throwing any celebrity tantrums was what made him so lovable by everyone. “I just love you so much more my darling”, I said kissing him in the selfie we took in my phone.prabhas-story_647_012016105845

I returned back to the home dragging my feet, with the widest grin on my face holding that hand kerchief close to my heart like most prized possession. Just then my phone rang and when I answered Srilakshmi ma’am voice came through saying “He just called me informing that you got dropped home safely. So nice of him. So how did you like your surprise?” I had tears and thanked her for giving me the unforgettable day of my life. She said that darling had been associated with the institution for a long time and always was at the back supporting the NGO without people knowing about it as everything he does becomes a news and he didn’t want such things to go to the media. After he learnt about my unsuccessful trip to Hyderabad from her, he had decided to surprise me in the last moment and came by to the function gracing as a chief guest. I was overwhelmed with the whole experience and knew no words to show my gratitude towards both of them. I was indebted to them for life.

I couldn’t thank her enough…I would be always grateful for all that she did for me. Making someone’s dream come true is the noblest act anyone could do. She walked the talk and did what she preached all these years.

I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about my magical day where I finally met my prince charming. Indeed there wasn’t any white horse or dancing in a ball, or losing a shoe… but still it was my fairy tale. I had my very own another Cinderella story.

Ohh sorry, are you still wondering who this surprise guest was? If you know me well, you must have already guessed who it was…

PS: This is a work of fiction, a dream turned into a story. I am still eagerly hoping to meet my prince charming, Prabhas and I know some day I will live that moment. And then I will return to write about it again in real. Until then I will continue to dream. Who knows, it might come true someday with an angel’s help.